Founded by David A. Benoît, EncelaPulse is a marching musical and pageantry arts technology and consulting company that provides hardware, pedagogy, and other intellectual property which combine to solve the problem of front-to-back phasing induced by the speed of sound and distance between musicians. It will individually tailor rehearsal techniques for the unique rehearsal needs of the customers’ marching programs.

Phasing, the perceivable imprecision resulting from the distance between musicians, is an issue that is objectively solvable. That is to say it is possible to create metronome pulses that are objectively correct and distance-compensated for each musician’s position anywhere on a football field in a practical manner. With confidence in the system and techniques, members can very quickly learn exactly how to anticipate or delay their timing so the ensemble reliably produces an unphased performance at the press box.

The current rehearsal techniques consume an inordinate amount of time, and haven’t significantly changed in about forty years. For the sake of the members, it is time to update the paradigm in this area.

Some programs with high standards of educational excellence limit the blocking (staging) in their designs in an effort to reduce the need to address the issue in rehearsal. Other programs push the limits of blocking out of competitive necessity, and commit to consuming the rehearsal time necessary. EncelaPulse replaces the most precious commodity they use — time. The EncelaPulse solution will drastically reduce rehearsal time spent addressing phasing, which will sharpen both educational and competitive edges.

David A. Benoît has a Bachelors in Music Education from the University of Southern Mississippi where he played principal oboe in the USM Wind Ensemble, the USM Symphony Orchestra, Southern Arts Pro Musica, and the Quintette du Soir. He is a Former Marching Member of the Cavaliers Drum and Bugle Corps Color guard, and since 2004 has been an airline pilot based in Atlanta.

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