The success of this project is owed to many people and organizations including but not limited to:

Jenny Benoit

Thomas and Cynthia Benoit

Todd and Amanda Bridges

Russell Meyer

Dr. James Paterson Smith and Jeanette Smith

Dr. Ellena Hogrefe

Dr. Brian Taylor

Craig Cagle and the Mortimer Jordan High School Band – Kimberly, AL

Scotty Walker and the Lafayette High School Band – Lafayette, LA

Neil Simon and the Louisiana Stars Drum & Bugle Corps – Lafayette, LA

Chris Moore, David Walker and the Spirit of Atlanta Drum & Bugle Corps – Atlanta, GA

Dr. Thomas Fraschillo and Cecilia Fraschillo

Will Green

Steven Finn

Joseph Gill

Sheri Prejean

Fred Rose

Caitlin Hall

Their contributions are greatly appreciated by me and all who benefit from EncelaPulse.

Many thanks.

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