The Turning of the Page

The Turning of the Page

The Lafayette High School Band completed their season earlier this month. They went out with a bang — a perfectly-timed bang. You see, there was no phasing. A season’s worth of dedicated rehearsal with EncelaPulse paid off.

Listen for yourself…

Scotty Walker said, “It’s been pretty Awesome!!” But as I observed them on their last day of the season, I heard a new insight. An assistant director said,

“When it’s on, it’s perfect.”

Nothing else can do that but EncelaPulse, the only tool that perfectly-times metronome pulses to every musician on a field, anywhere on a field.

With Lafayette High School Band’s championship performance at the Louisiana Showcase of Marching Bands, EncelaPulse’s first year of beta testing came to a successful end.

Then came another, somewhat unexpected test.

While looking for a beta tester for this summer, EncelaPulse caught the attention of Chris Moore, director of both the Georgia Tech Marching Yellow Jacket Band and Spirit of Atlanta Drum & Bugle Corps.

Chris wanted to see if EncelaPulse could help a sequence in Tech’s traditional pregame show that has some built-in tempo and phasing challenges — just over 300 musicians, no drum major, facing the back field then the end zone, in a triple meter, and formed in an inversion of good staging. This crucible was but an opportunity for EncelaPulse to shine.

And shine, it did.

EncelaPulse did it’s job.

And so EncelaPulse’s next chapter begins. Stay tuned.

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