The Validation

How much time does your ensemble waste while cleaning phasing issues? How much of that time would be better spent accomplishing other more practical educational and/or competitive objectives? EncelaPulse, the only full-field, objective, distance-compensating metronome, is looking to enter into an agreement with a pioneering DCI group for beta testing this summer. Together, we will... Continue Reading →

The Graph

Time to get in the weeds, and when I say "weeds" I mean numbers. I’ve added the following graph to the Purchase Speaker Hardware Bundles page. The graph aids in visualizing how increasing the number of well-placed metronome speakers drastically reduces relative delay between musicians. The following data showing percentages of a football field covered... Continue Reading →


I feel an immense sense of gratitude for two things in my hometown, Lafayette, LA — my mother, and the Lafayette High School Band. The Bandoree, a marching band festival sponsored by the LHS Band, was this weekend.  I didn’t want to miss such a prime opportunity to set up EncelaPulse for success. EncelaPulse finished... Continue Reading →

A Feather in the Cap

EncelaPulse has flown the coop and the 2017 Louisiana Stars have taken to it like ducks to water. Phasing errors will be scarcer than hen's teeth. The new metronome is as true as the crow flies. The "speed" of sound, or so its called, is no longer an albatross around their neck. The hens of... Continue Reading →

The Beginning

EncelaPulse is here! And it's about time. Since I first realized the mechanics of the problem while marching in the Cavaliers Color Guard in 1993, I have pondered it. Then I imagined a solution -- an objective solution. Twenty years later, no one was really solving the problem caused by distance between musicians. After two... Continue Reading →

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