LHS with Speaker 2017-09-29 18.00.36 HDR

I feel an immense sense of gratitude for two things in my hometown, Lafayette, LA — my mother, and the Lafayette High School Band.

The Bandoree, a marching band festival sponsored by the LHS Band, was this weekend.  I didn’t want to miss such a prime opportunity to set up EncelaPulse for success.

EncelaPulse finished the summer in a strong headwind. The Louisiana Stars Drum & Bugle Corps returned the equipment saying that they did not like it and did not want to use it next summer. I hadn’t heard from them all summer. As it turned out, no news was not good news.

But in August I handed the speakers off to a very enthusiastic Scotty Walker at LHS, and hoped for the best. Weeks went by with no word. This time no news was indeed good news. They love it. “It’s like it’s always been here!” said one staff member. The students alike get it, and like it. With LHS, the wind is now strongly at EncelaPulse’s back. The beta testing is back on track.

But before the Bandoree, my mother put her embroidery machines in action. (The plural is correct. She has more than one!) After much handwringing over the logo design, she was able to embroider it onto some really nice shirts. Looking the part, I was then ready to schmooze some at LHS Band’s Bandoree.

I spoke with band directors, staff, and judges and continued to hear “intriguing” a lot.

Pricing for speaker packages and coordinate sets are on Your questions are free! is the place to send them. I want to hear what you want to know.

Embroidered shirts 2017-09-29 09.10.53

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