A Feather in the Cap

EncelaPulse has flown the coop and the 2017 Louisiana Stars have taken to it like ducks to water. Phasing errors will be scarcer than hen’s teeth. The new metronome is as true as the crow flies. The “speed” of sound, or so its called, is no longer an albatross around their neck.

The hens of the old technique will eat crow over their ugly duckling. Its swan song is mid-cadence. I am as proud as a peacock. The days of winging it are over. The old way is for the birds. EncelaPulse has taken aim at the sitting duck and shall soon rule the roost.

EncelaPulse is now under the wing of the Louisiana Stars and I am happy as a lark, proud as a peacock. The geese and the goslings are heaping praise. My chickens have hatched and I am counting them. Let’s talk turkey.

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