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The Beginning

EncelaPulse is here!

And it’s about time. Since I first realized the mechanics of the problem while marching in the Cavaliers Color Guard in 1993, I have pondered it. Then I imagined a solution — an objective solution. Twenty years later, no one was really solving the problem caused by distance between musicians.

After two successful alpha tests, validation continues as the Louisiana Stars Drum and Bugle Corps from Lafayette, LA, beta test EncelaPulse.

Stay tuned for reports from tour, and watch this space for the introductory line of intellectual property and Anchor Audio’s perfectly-matched line of wireless speakers.

Met On.

David A. Benoît, Founder and Operator of EncelaPulse

(Thanks to Craig Cagle and the students of the Mortimer Jordan High School Band in Kimberly, AL, Scotty Walker and the students of the Lafayette High School Band in Lafayette, LA, Dr. Elena Hogrefe, Dr. Brian Taylor, and Russell Meyer for their support and invaluable help with the alpha testing.)

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